Programmer’s editor with more than 45 languages/scripts


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Kudaz is a free programmer’s editor which supports 45 different languages/scripts:

68HC11, Assembler, AWK, Baan 4GL, Borland, Forms, C/C++, CA-Clipper, Cascading Style Sheet, COAS Product Manager Report, COBOL, CORBA IDL, Fortran, Foxpro, Gembase, GW-TEL, HP48, HTML, INI File, Inno, Setup, Script, Java, JavaScript, Modula 3, MS VBScript, MS-DOS Batch, Object, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL, Standard ML, XML and more.

Kudaz allows us to export the file as .rtf or .html, besides we will be able to preview the progress in our browser.

It includes a colour table, a fast html tables creation wizard, we will be able to choose lots of preferences to custom the interface and our work environment, so we will work even better.
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